18 Healing Lights

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This is a simple meditation using colors to balance the main organs and hormonal glands in the body. 

Start by focusing on your breath, inhaling in 4 counts and exhaling in 8 counts. This strengthens the vagal system and balances our nerves helping us move from stress and survival to healing and regeneration.

Now that we have brought ourselves in a more balanced state we are going to focus on each organ and each major gland one by one, visualizing the corresponding color.

If you follow on the graphic provided, it will help you identify the color and the location of that specific organ or gland in the body.  

Let’s Begin with the Organs

The Heart: Bright Red

This is located in the center of your chest. As you focus on your heart you can imagine the blood being purified and moving throughout all the veins, venules and capillaries all the way to every cell bringing vitality and strength throughout the body.

The Small Intestine: White, speckled with red dots 

This is a five foot long canal in the center of the abdomen. The speckled red dots indicate how nutrients are moving from the small intestine to the blood to nourish the whole body. 

The Stomach: Bright Yellow

This is a big sac the crosses the body from left to right. It is where the nutrients are broken down before they move to the small intestine. 

The Spleen: Bright Orange 

This is under the rib cage on the left side.  The spleen is the main organ in the lymphatic system .  The lymphatic system is the sewage system of our bodies were anything that needs to be eliminated is broken down. The spleen and the lymphatic system are very related to our well being and our vitality. When the lymphatic system is clogged we feel very sluggish. So, bring the orange into the spleen and see the color moving throughout your body to all the glands, the joints, the nerves and the brain eliminating impurity and restoring flow.

The Lungs: Crystal Clear  

This is in the upper part of the chest behind the ribcage. The function of the lungs is to bring oxygen into our body and to purify the blood.  It works in close connection with the heart and the blood circulation. 

The Large Intestine: White specked with crystal  

This eliminates the waste products that cannot be used to nourish the body. It also contains a system of microbes and fungus called the microbiome that regulate many functions of the body. 

The Kidneys: Sky Blue

These are situated in the bag of the body above your waist and on each side of your spine. They look like big beans. The kidneys are also organs of purification and the blue represents clear water flushing the toxins to the bladder before it is flushed out of the body. 

The Bladder: Dark Blue 

As the name indicates, it is a bag in the lower part of the abdomen. The urine is contained there before it is released out of the body. 

The Liver: Deep Green

This is a big organ on the right side of the body. It is sometimes called the brain of the body and it acts as an amazing chemical factory involved in detoxification, conversion of nutrients into amino-acids and also regulation in most essential metabolic functions providing energy to our cells, It also produces bile.

The Gall Bladder: Light Green

This is a little pear shaped bag inserted in the lower part of the liver. It stores the bile which releases toxins out of the liver but the bile is also involved in the processing of fat. It also helps neutralize the acidity of the food before it enters the small intestine. 

Now let’s examine the main Endocrine Glands

The word endocrine indicates that those glands are producing hormones which are being released into the blood stream

The Reproductive Glands: Maroon

The ovaries and the testes are producing the hormones necessary for reproduction. The ovaries are in the lower abdomen on each side of the midline