Common Tests

Bio-Resonance Testing

This is a form of kinesiology which combines both a thorough analysis of core health issues and life challenges using the Functional Energetic Medicine model and Global Energy Management (GEM) model. This approach allows for rapid identification of core issues and their most appropriate naturopathic treatment.

Metabolic Assessment

This questionnaire is an additional tool that enables us to identify rapidly the following key areas of disturbances: elimination, digestion, detoxification, sugar metabolism, adrenal dysfunctions, thyroid imbalances, male hormone and prostate problems, cycling (cyclic?) female problems, menopausal problems and neurological disorders.

Functional Blood Chemistry

We often recommend that our patients have a comprehensive wellness blood evaluation to identify more subtle issues that other approaches may not be designed to identify. We order the test from an online service called and we provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the results as well as naturopathic recommendations.
When necessary, we have access to hundreds of additional blood tests also available through this service.

Functional Endocrinology Testing

These tests include salivary, urine and stool tests designed to identify chronic hormone imbalances as well as chronic intestinal infections and calcium metabolic disturbances.