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Secrets to a Long Healthy Life


Secrets to a Long Healthy Life teaches you simple strategies that you can incorporate in your life immediately that will dramatically improve your physical health and the quality of your life.

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There are only four basic functions that determine our physical health:

  • Absorption:  Getting in our body all the nutrients necessary for optimum physical functioning.
  • Processing:   All these nutrients need to be transformed, disseminated throughout and used appropriately.
  • Elimination:  Whatever cannot be used in the body needs to be taken out of the body.
  • Protection:  The body needs to constantly protect itself against internal and external invaders. Poor health is a vicious cycle. 

A disturbance in any of these four basic functions will automatically lead to dysfunction in the others.  For example: liver imbalance leads to toxicity, that leads to mal-absorption, that leads to poor processing and poor immune response, that leads to opportunistic infections.  These imbalances usually lead to some form of inflammation that over time create chronic conditions and degenerative diseases.  Secrets to a Long Healthy Life teaches you how to identify these problems and how to fix them using simple natural remedies.

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“An informational and practical guide for anyone.  Out of 24 years of personal experience, Dr. Babinet has created Secrets to a Long Healthy Life.  It’s an easy to read, easy to use guide that gives us a road map for taking care of our health and lives.  When faced with an increasingly complex maze of health choices, Secrets to a Long Healthy Lifeprovides us with simple solutions towards empowering ourselves as creators of our own destiny.” 
Jeffrey S. McCombs DC
Author of Life Force A Dynamic Plan for Health, Vitality, and Weight Loss