Reports and Articles

The following reports are available for a minimal charge and are designed to provide you with enough information to assist you in clarifying how to address specific areas of your health . Click on the report title and it will be added to your shopping cart.


90 Days to Optimal Health: If you follow our plan for 90 days your health will improve 100%.
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Cholesterol A Natural Approach: A step by step approach to treating elevated cholesterol naturally.
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Homocysteine and Heart Attack: Examine a serious, common genetic health factor often overlooked by MD’s.  Free Download

Losing Weight – Gaining Health: Simple evaluation of what contributes to weight gain and what we can do to bring our weight back in balance.

Making Health Contagious: Our health does not just impact us. It affects positively or negatively everyone around us. It’s time we took control of this cornerstone of our life.
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Menopause: This change of life is not a disease – it is a natural process that can easily be managed naturally.
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Simple Steps to Healthy Living: This is a step by step process to reclaim our inner empowerment and live our life in peaceful harmony.

Treating Inflammation: We can effectively treat the symptoms, including pain, with a variety of natural remedies.  Free Download

Toxicity and Detoxification: The main causes of toxicity in the body and basic steps to detoxification.

What is Healing?: Too often, health care and disease care have been confused. In this article we set the record straight and set a foundation for restoring health.
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Aging Gracefully: Aging affects cellular function and consequently has varied degrees of impact on every part of the body. We review the general and specific effects of aging and offer creative natural solutions Order

Candida Overgrowth: This side effect of antibiotic use can easily be corrected – we provide you with detection and natural treatment strategies Order

Cardiovascular Health: This is a functional overview of cardiovascular health that examines many aspects not covered by your General Practitioner Order

Lyme Disease – A Natural Treatment Protocol: A comprehensive naturopathic approach, including testing modalities and treatment strategies Order

Psychological Stress: Acute or chronic psychological stress can have dramatic consequences which can affect and/or damage every major physical system. This report reviews the deleterious consequences of stress and natural strategies to repair damage and manage stress in a more effective way