Some of these issues can be handled through lifestyle changes and nutritional support. For others you will need the assistance of a health practitioner.

Common Symptoms


  • Often unilateral or bilateral acute temporal pain that can last for hours
  • Blurred vision or oversensitivity to light and or sound
  • Nausea
  • This is usually associated with the liver and indicates problems with detoxification
  • Medication tends to increase stress on the liver and promotes rebounding

Tension Headaches

  • Pain frequently in the forehead or back of head
  • Usually associated with acute or chronic stress or sleep deprivation
  • Frequently a sign of adrenal imbalance

Spleen Headaches

  • Dull pain around the head feeling like a tight helmet
  • Often associated with fungal overgrowth
  • Damp heat
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Mineral deficiency

Medical Conditions

Be aware that frequent headaches can be caused by serious medical issues that may require medical attention.

Lifestyle Changes

  • Regular sleep
  • Regular moderate exercise
  • Eliminate toxic foods – sugar, refined flour, processed food, excess caffeine, alcohol, or anything you have an allergic reaction to
  • Practice meditation, relaxation, or mindfulness
  • Drink enough water

Nutritional Support

The Prime Formula contains all the needed minerals, vitamins, and digestive enzymes plus omega 3 to regulate the nerves and the brain, probiotics to support the gut, and 13 herbs to optimize physical and psychological balance.

Because of the depletion of nutrients in our food most of us need a good supplement regimen to maintain optimal physical and emotional balance.

Professional Support

Should you need further assistance, schedule an appointment with Dr. Babinet. He exclusively uses naturopathic remedies, energy medicine, and lifestyle counseling. He combines his unique intuitive abilities with in-depth functional analysis. His approach includes a symptom-based questionnaire and various biological tests. The tests results are analyzed through our functional blood chemistry software. The combination of this data is analyzed and incorporated into a comprehensive functional report with clear finding and a treatment protocol. Book an appointment