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Empowering the Heart


Empowering the Heart
Restoring the Peace, Healing the Hurt, Sharing your Gifts

Empowering the Heart is a new philosophy of life based on the power of love and inner peace. It is a unique approach that will inspire transformational health practitioners; as well as being entirely accessible to anyone wanting more joy and personal effectiveness


Many of our life challenges emanate from childhood and adolescence. Our brain is programmed in reactive patters of lack and fear that restrict our achievements and and often impact our health and our relationships. In this book you will discover a framework for understanding those limitations and simple strategies to release your brakes and create a life of happiness and heartfelt contribution.

Included in the book is the poetry of Kimberly Jonas whose work addresses the depth of the human experience in the most heartfelt manner.

This book will make a perfect heartfelt gift for anyone looking for more love, peace and happiness in their life.


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