Health Consultations



Dr. Babinet’s Bio-functional Energetic Medicine approach to physical health and healing utilizes multiple assessment tools to identify limitations and natural therapies to restore optimal health.

  • First, we ask you to complete our comprehensive questionnaire that analyses the major aspects of your metabolism: digestion, elimination, liver function, adrenal function, thyroid function, hormonal function and neurological function. It is a comprehensive questionnaire that gives you an opportunity to share and grade your level of concerns.
  • Second, we suggest a comprehensive blood test where we analyze the results through blood chemistry software designed to look at optimal health and not just the presence of pathology. Or if you have had blood work done in the last 3 months we ask you to send those to us for review. Based on the metabolic questionnaire we may suggest additional tests to better assess the situation.
  • Third, Dr. Babinet uses an intuitive method (evolved over 40 years) to assess the foundation of your health: what he calls the Five Dynamics of Health (Inner Peace, Absorption, Processing, Elimination and Protection) and all the major functions (endocrine, immune, cellular, neurological, circulatory and skeletal).

Combining these three methods provides the foundation from which we develop a natural strategy to restore optimal health. Once health has been restored, we suggest a protocol for ongoing optimal health management.

Booking an appointment with Dr. Babinet:

  • We request that consultations booked via the Internet be paid in advance.
  • Contact us for further information at 303-823-0301 (USA).

“Shortly after his thirteenth birthday, my son Joey suddenly became ill. We took him to his pediatrician and began what became a seven month tour through the western medical system. In the span of seven months we spent over $100,000 and had tests performed that still keep me up at night. Eventually we were told that, despite several tests that showed abnormalities, the doctors had no answers.
We were referred to Bertrand and in one consultation he diagnosed the problem. I was still skeptical, given my legal training and having suffered through numerous false diagnosis up to that point.
However, within hours of starting the herbal remedy Bertrand recommended, for the first time in 7 months, Joey experienced some relief. Within two weeks, he was practically himself again. Now four months later, the ordeal is just a bad memory. It is nothing short of miraculous and, I am incredibly grateful to Bertrand.”
A. Buss