Bio-Functional Energetic Approach

Purpose and Method

Health is a lifelong process – not a destination; requiring attention, correction, intuition, awareness, and information. Our body is designed to address all the general challenges that we face on a daily basis. Integrative health is predicated on the proper interaction of the physical, the psychological and the spiritual. This foundational ability of our body to take care of itself and mange challenges is called homeostasis. However, our unique genetics, the presence of chronic stress, toxicity, antibiotics, other pharmaceuticals and the contamination of our air, water, and food requires ongoing conscious support to maintain our health, wellness and personal effectiveness throughout our life.

Restoring a Solid Foundation

Bio-Functional Energetic Medicine approaches health from the point of view that our body has been designed to maintain balance and effectiveness. The job of the Functional Health Practitioner is to identify the deficiencies, toxins and excessive stress factors that interfere with the natural order and to restore optimal health and personal effectiveness.
In our work, we look at how the body is designed to function optimally and how to effectively manage various aspects of our lives. We cannot dissociate the health of the body from the context of our lives. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives are intertwined in the maintenance of optimal health at all levels. Any attempt to separate these fields only leads to confusion and incoherent approaches and practices.

In relationship to the physical our focus is on the “Five Dynamics” of health:

1. Inner Peace. The ability to maintain our psycho-spiritual foundation in managing life:s challenges.
2. Absorption. Both our choice of foods, drinks and supplement; as well as the ability of our body to make full use of those nutrients.
3. Processing. The amazing bio-chemical ability of the body to convert what we take in and then use them as building blocks for all our physical and psychological functions.
4. Elimination. The refined ability of our body to differentiate what we can use and what we need to eliminate.
5. Protection. Identifying and effectively dealing with pathogens and other perceived dangers.

In doing this evaluation we combine various assessment methodologies:

– Neuro-muscular feedback: A technique of muscle testing that can also be used at a distance, e.g. over the phone.
– A comprehensive metabolic assessment.
– A variety of biological tests: blood, saliva, urine and stool.

Our comprehensive health approach incorporates Chinese medicine, functional homeopathy, nutritional supplements, stress management and herbal medicine.

Finally, we examine the relationship between the spiritual, the psychological and the physical (body, mind, spirit) to identify your specific health issues and create a plan to restore and maintain optimal health.
Our experience has taught us that taking care of our health is the most effective way to treat and prevent diseases. Attempting to treat disease without addressing the basic needs of the body, mind and spirit is a major error in approach. Our approach leads to practical, sustainable and satisfying health.