Lifestyle Coaching

In our work, we have found that health issues are seldom caused exclusively by physical imbalances. Some people are more aware of the physical while others are focused on how they feel and their degree of success in various areas of their lives. Whatever your level of concern, we are here to help you.
What we feel, think, and what we focus on combined with our basic life skills have a profound impact on our degree of satisfaction, personal effectiveness and physical health.

Dr. Babinet has over 40 years of training in Humanistic Psychology, spiritual studies, and a Ph.D. in Human Development (life long learning, growth and transformation). He can help you identify what is restricting your success, release your brakes and embrace a life of happiness and optimal contribution.

He has created an approach to counseling and coaching based on the “Five Element Theory” in traditional Chinese Medicine and more advanced concepts of brain research. In addition, he has created a system for identifying the cause of issues and their clearing utilizing spiritual alignment and applied kinesiology. These techniques, known as Global Energy Mastery (GEM), is also available in a course that has been taught to healthcare practitioners all over the world.

Through our coaching methodology we will assist you to:

  • Reconnect to your inner peace
  • Create effective strategies to deal with issues and conflicts
  • Identify areas of disempowerment
  • Clarify your needs, purpose and strategies
  • Create exciting achievable goals
  • Create a tracking system to help you stay on course
  • Provide ongoing support

Our goal is to empower you in making your life as joyful, valuable and fulfilling as possible.

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“I see this transformational approach as a profound and simple way of teaching people how to manage their lives more effectively and joyfully. One word that describes this work. Magical”
Leigh Taylor-Young Morton, Actress