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I had been suffering for seven months with knee swelling. My body was weak, and I had been told I had absorption issues by my alternative medicine doctors. I ordered Dr. Babinet’s protocol and within three weeks on his protocol, I found myself seeing positive changes in my energy, my digestion, my strength, my sleep patterns, the reduction in my knee swelling and the promise of a thriving future. I’m very grateful to Dr. Babinet for his support and healing work. I would recommend him to you in a heartbeat! Thank you Dr. Babinet, with appreciation.
Melinda Bernstein

I suddenly started experiencing severe fatigue, blackouts, low blood pressure and had developed a bronchial type cough that continued for two months, no amount of antibiotics would cure it.  I spent a fortune seeing various doctors and doing copious panels of blood work to try identify the cause and find a cure for my illness.  In just one session Bertrand had identified that the fluke parasite was the cause of all my issues and that under his guidance I did a regiment of herbs and vitamins that within days greatly improved my condition.

I am eternally grateful to Bertrand for restoring my well being and energy levels back to normal.  I am not sure what I would have done if it was not for his impeccable insight and masterful knowledge in restoring my health when western medicine could not even find a cause let alone a cure.

Renée Allem – Artist.  Oxnard, California

Renée Allem

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