Empowering the Heart  Restoring the Peace, Healing the Hurt, Sharing your Gifts

“Thank you, Bertrand. At last the entire world has an opportunity to receive of your many gifts of healing and what the masters have known about the makings of a blessed life. Your lifetime of research and vast knowledge of the multi-dimensional aspects of body, mind, and spirit brilliantly elucidate the keys to health and happiness. There is wisdom of the ages transmitting from this book.”
John Morton, DSS
Author of The Blessings Already Are and Spiritual Director of The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness

Empowering the Heart is a new philosophy of life based on the power of love and inner peace. It is a unique approach that will inspire transformational health practitioners; as well as being entirely accessible to anyone wanting more joy and personal effectiveness.

Many of our life challenges emanate from childhood and adolescence. Our brain is programmed in reactive patters of lack and fear that restrict our achievements and and often impact our health and our relationships. In this book you will discover a framework for understanding those limitations and simple strategies to release your brakes and create a life of happiness and heartfelt contributions.

Included in the book is the poetry of Kimberly Jonas whose work addresses the depth of the human experience in the most heartfelt manner.

“We have known Dr. Bertrand Babinet for many years, and this book embodies the wisdom and loving he brings to his healing work. His correlation of psychology, brain research, and Chinese medicine in the metaphor of the Inner Family demonstrates heart-opening insight into the integrative and transformative processes of issue resolution and spiritual growth. The practical exercises—with their focus on Love and Peace—are wonderful tools for Empowering the Heart.”
Ronald Hulnick, PhD, and Mary R. Hulnick, PhD
Authors of Loyalty to Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology  and co-directors of the University of Santa Monica Programs in Spiritual Psychology

“I have had the great pleasure and privilege of participating in Kimberly Jonas’ weekly Body Mantra freeform dance practice for several years. The quality of her being helps create an amazing fulcrum of healing and transformation. During this practice, Kimberly shares her soul inspired wisdom and poetry. So many times the words of her poems match my experience of over fifty years of Spiritual Practice. Her poetry has that unique ability to touch the core of our being and awakens us to the depth of our Spirit. Including Kimberley in my book is a great joy and I hope that her work will touch the reader as much as it touches me.”
— Bertrand

“The decision to step into a collaboration with Bertrand for Empowering The Heart was an easy one. I have always been taken by Betrand’s grasp of the human condition and his foundational belief in our ability to manifest joy and healing through an open heart. He asks his readers to dig into matters of heart and soul with curiosity, transmitting his insight and wisdom with precision. It is because of this depth of inquiry that I felt drawn to pair my poetry with his teachings. I am simply delighted and honored to have our written words together on these pages.”
— Kimberly

This book will make a perfect heartfelt gift for anyone looking for more love, peace and happiness in their life. To order a book for yourself or a friend, click here.