Weight Loss Management

Why We Get Fat

Usually when people have enough money to cover their basic needs they open and grow a savings account. Unless there is an emergency, this account does not get touched. Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a medical researcher from Italy, has discovered that a similar mechanism exists in the body in relationship to fat.

After we have stored the fat we need to support our basic physical needs along with some reserve for a short-term emergency, we store the remainder in fatty tissue called secondary fat reserves. This was designed as a safety mechanism against prolonged starvation. This fat is stuck in our bodies and simply continues to accumulate as we consume excess carbohydrates.

The Manager of the Fat Savings Account

The hypothalamus, a pea size gland in the center of our brain, (often perceived as the central command system of our body) is the manager of our fat reserves. A homeopathic formula called hA2cg can stimulate the weight management action of the hypothalamus as well as activate other weight management metabolic pathways. The result is a safe, effective and easy to follow program that achieves rapid, sustainable results. Ongoing support and coaching is provided throughout the program to assist with any individual issues, as needed.

Preliminary Requirements

Before starting this process, it is required that Dr. Babinet gives you have a thorough evaluation to determine whether you and your body are ready for serious weight loss and a very low calorie diet. This evaluation will include a comprehensive questionnaire, a one hour in depth evaluation with Dr. Babinet and, if necessary, a comprehensive blood test. People with toxicity, mal-absorption, adrenal depletion, allergies, chronic infection or other functional disorders may need to address these issues first as they can interfere with the success of the program.

Cost of the Program

The cost of the weight loss program is $450 for the 24-day program and an additional $100.00 for individuals who need to lose more than 20 pounds and are on the 45-day program.  There may be additional cost if other products are needed to assist with specific health issues.

The price for a second round (if needed) of the hA2cg homeopathic program is $100 less than the first round.

What the Program Covers

  • The hA2cg homeopathic remedy
  • Access to a restricted website designed soley for the weight loss program – this site contains the booklet delineating the protocol as well as many additional resources
  • The preliminary consultation with Dr. Babinet
  • Unlimited e-mail support during the course of the protocol
  • A final consultation with Dr. Babinet at the end of the program to clarify long-term weight maintenance practices

Disclaimer: While we will provide support and coaching during the program we cannot deal with deep psychological issues.

To register for the program or to get more information, please contact us at 303-823-0301 or e-mail us at [email protected]