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Functional Energetic Medicine

Our comprehensive health approach incorporates Chinese Medicine, Functional homeopathy, nutritional supplements , stress management and herbal medicine. We incorporate in our work many other treatment modalities and many forms of testing. Because of the obesity epidemic in the US at this time, one of our particular focus is weight loss. We continually address many other critical health issues. For more information check our web clinic

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Weight Loss Management

For 60% of the U.S. population, losing weight is the one most critical contributions they can make to their appearance, health and overall well-being. Excess weight is not only an appearance issue. It is the major cause of serious health conditions - cancer (breast, colon and pancreatic), dementia, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes (Type II), osteoarthritis, metabolic syndrome, sleep apnea, and chronic inflammation. The GOOD news is that even losing just 5-10 percent of your extra fat cells will lower your risk for those conditions by up to 60 percent, and put you on the road towards a healthier body chemistry and a longer fulfilling life. For this reason, effective durable weight loss has become the cornerstone of our health enhancement approach. We combine homeopathic hormonal treatment with ongoing psychological and physical support. Learn more about our unique hA2cg homeopathic weight loss management program

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This will help us establish the foundation of your health and the additional support you may need in pursuing weight loss or other health issues.
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Your Support Team

Dr. Bertrand Babinet, Ph.D., LAc., is the creator of the Bio-Functional Energetics approach. He is a health and medical intuitive with extensive training in multiple forms of holistic health, nutrition, energy medicine, and spiritual and psychological counseling. He has 30 years experience in alternative medicine. He will assess your needs and create a step by step process to help you restore optimal health and personal effectiveness.

The Roadmap to Health

Functional Energetic Medicine: Functional Medicine approaches health from the point of view that our body has been designed to maintain balance and effectiveness. So the job of the Functional Health Practitioners is to identify the deficiencies, the toxins and the excessive stress factors that interfere with the Natural order and to restore optimal health and personal effectiveness. My background in energetic medicine is ideally suited for this purpose. First we examine the foundation of health - what we call the Four Pillars of Health. We continue with a thorough examination of hormones, immunity, cellular health, neurology, cardiovascular health, and structural health. Finally, we examine the relationship between the spiritual, the psychological and the physical.
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Spiritual Empowerment: Conflicts are not always the cause but are a common factor in any on-going disturbances in our body or in our life. Restoring inner peace is a foundational first step in optimizing health and personal effectiveness. Weight loss may stir up deep unresolved issues in our unconscious. This spiritual empowerment approach will help you overcome these difficulties.
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Healing the Inner Family: Our personal effectiveness depends on the organization of our brain and its specific functions: physical, emotional, cognitive, creative and directive. Those functions were programmed through our genetics, our education, our gender, and our culture. They often work in ways which are not mutually supportive. Healing the Inner Family uses a representational map that enables us to see where the psychological limitations are located. Based on that awareness we can develop creative strategies to heal the past and empower our present ability to create the life we want.
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