The Pursuit of Happiness

//The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

… As seen in the Babinetics Health Insight Newsletter August 2017

Are We Wired for Lack?

When I applied for citizenship several years ago I was reminded, in the Pledge of Allegiance, of the reference to the pursuit of happiness as a protected right under the constitution. What puzzled me was my observation of how unaware people were about the foundation of happiness. I think that the biggest challenge is that for the most part our brain is programmed in fear and lack and so it tends to react to external situations and opportunities based on our perceived weaknesses rather than based on clarity of purpose and values. Then we rationalize our attitudes and behavior and perpetrate patterns of ineffectiveness. Happiness, contrary to what we have been led to believe, is not based on what we get but on what we give.

What is Our Ego Up To?

Our ego is formed based on certain dominance of our brain, which promotes both strengths and vulnerabilities. Research on the psychological functions of the brain identify four primary drives:

  • Connection, which supports our social interactions
  • Direction, which supports our ability to follow through on our pursuits
  • Imagination, which supports our self-expression
  • Cognition, that enables us to make sense of what is going on

These functions are essential to navigate life and respond to external and internal opportunities and demands.

Is Your Ego Running You?

Our ego dominance promotes our weaknesses. Any serious imbalances lead to ego fixations. People with a strong connective need seek approval, those with a strong directional need seek control, the ones with a strong expressive need want attention and individuals with strong cognitive abilities want recognition. In turn those drives lead to feelings of rejection, betrayal, disappointment and misunderstanding.

The more we are driven by our ego, the more we promote ineffectiveness in dealing with life challenges and the more we rely on our ego to attempt to bring back balance in our lives. I am sure you have observed these mechanisms in many situations in your life. To simplify this dilemma we can just say that: “Lack promotes lack”.

What does Love Have to Do With It?

Our fear of lack disconnects us from our heart, which is the source of our authentic empowerment.

I look at love as an integrating process, the connecting principle of all things and all people, more in line with a spiritual approach to life. My book, “Empowering the Heart” is not a philosophical essay on love, the importance of love or the nature of love. It is a practical guide to the healing and transformational power of love—how to get in touch with it, sustain it, and apply it to specific aspects of our lives. Love is easily accessible and profoundly enriching when we place it in the center of our lives.

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