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Bitter or Metallic Taste in the Mouth and
Intolerance to Greasy Food


This is usually an indication of liver imbalance. The liver is the brain of the body, involved in many metabolic processes, detoxification, and immune functions. Psychologically, it is also frequently associated with mood disorders and difficulty with impulse control.


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To explore further information regarding bitter or metallic taste, and intolerance to greasy food, we suggest that you download our e-book "Secrets to a Long Healthy Life: Natural Strategies for Optimal Health" and read the following chapters:Chapter 2 - The four Pillars of Health, and Chapter 7 - Heavy Metal Toxicity. Download the E-book at the discounted price of $9.97

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In treating any issues there are two components: the foundation and the specific disorders.  Treating the foundation is always critical and the most often ignored.  Most of the time when you treat the foundation the body takes care of the rest.  The Prime Formula is a daily pack which includes vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, probiotics and a proprietary blend of herbalsupplements designed to balance body and mind and to strengthen every major body systems  It is gentle, practical and highly effective. More information and order the Prime Formula

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Oftentimes individuals have multiple issues affecting them. If you would like us to explore further with you the status of your health and how to restore optimal health, wellbeing and personal effectiveness, please take the time and answer this expanded questionnaire.  It will help us evaluate where you are and to make individualized recommendations that we will send you in a private e-mail.  The information you send will be kept in strict confidentiality. Go to the free assessment

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